Message By Bishop of Jhansi

St. Jude's Shrine Golden Jubilee

Dear devotees of St. Jude
With great joy and happiness I announce the Golden Jubilee of the present Shrine of St. Jude which was built by Bishop F.X. Fenech the first bishop of Jhansi. He hailed from Malta and belonged to the Capuchin order as this area of fourteen districts in Bundhelkhand was given to the Bolongna Capuchins for mission work by the Propaganda Fidei. Bishop Francis Fenech was a staunch devotee of St. Jude and he brought this devotion from Europe and started the devotion of St. Jude in the mission area of Bundhelkhand. Thus the devotion started in 64 Cantt. in a chapel attached to the priest’s house in a humble way. But the devotion spread and people received graces and patron of the impossible and desperate cases began to shower abundance of blessings on people. This necessitated to build a big Shrine in the name of St. Jude. Thus Bishop sought the help of Mr. Simon Vaz, a goan staying near to the bishop’s house to purchase the land in Civil Lines and gave him sufficient money to purchase the land adjacent to the bishop’s House in Civil Lines area.

Present shine was built with 10 years of hard labour and panning by the Capuchin fathers and main supervision work was entrusted to a missionary priest, Fr. Gasper Pinto who became later the founder of the IMS society in Varanasi. Gasper Pinto because of his duties went back and Fr. M. Joseph who a diocesan priest in Jhansi took up the construction of the shine and completed it in 1965. Archbishop Knox came and inaugurated the Shrine and the devotion started to grow in the missionary area of Jhansi and from Jhansi to other places.

We are proud that in the famous town of Maharani Laxmi Bai who is known for valour, courage and patriotism, shrine of St. Jude remains as most beautiful pilgrim place to attract many who are suffering with various deceases and affected with various problems of life. This place has become a pilgrim centre for North India and attract many who are in desperate and impossible cases and many miracles happen in the shrine of St. Jude. God be praised for showering abundance of blessings on the devotees and thanksgivings are seen in all the leading news papers and in the voice of St. Jude which is the official magazine to keep in touch with the pilgrims from all over the world. Let us joyously celebrate the 50 years of existence of this beautiful structure of Shrine of St. Jude which attracts many to participate in the novena prayers and devotion of St. Jude. Feast of St. Jude is celebrated on the 28th October every year and the Novena to St. Jude starts 9 days before the Feast ie. On the 19th of October. I invite all our devotees to the Shrine to do their early pilgrimage which forshadows the eternal pilgrimage all of us will be making to our heavenly abode. Feel the glory of this earthly heaven by visiting the Shrine of St. Jude in Jhansi.

May God bless you all

Yours in Christ
Peter parapullil
Bishop of Jhansi

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