The Voice of St Jude_Magazine_March April Edition 2018.
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Dear Fr. Procurator,
I am sending my humble petition to St. Jude. Please place it near his Sacred Relic and join your prayers to mine.
Dear St. Jude,
I have full trust in your powerful intercession with God, and humbly ask you to my petition to him. I promise to remain faithful to my faith and to live true Christian life, I also invite other people to do the same.
  1. For good health

  2. For peace of mind

  3. For peace and happiness at home

  4. For cure of sickness

  5. For the successful operation

  6. For safe delivery

  7. For the gift of a child

  8. For settlement in marriage

  9. For conversion from a bad life

  10. To give up drinking habit

  11. For financial aid

  12. For a safe journey

  13. For recovery of property

  14. For winning court case

  15. Marriage problem to be solved

  16. For better understanding between husband and wife

  17. For permanent employment

  18. Special prayer for departed soul

  19. For sale of property

  20. For a good vocation

  21. For securing a good job

  22. For perseverance in studies

  23. For spiritual favours

  24. For temporal favours

  25. Thanksgiving

  26. Special intention if any.